“I’ve been with the company 24 years and Minuteman has always been our carrier. They are a unique refrigerated transportation company that delivers to areas that nobody else services in Northern and Southern California. I have not found another carrier who will provide same day delivery service with rates as cost effective as theirs. We have back up carriers for emergencies but I can’t see myself using anyone else. Nobody is as reliable as Minuteman Transport. I love the fact that Minuteman’s staff includes dispatchers with driving experience. As a direct result, they can relate to the customer and provide excellent communication regarding our orders."

Gil S. Logistics Manager LeSaffre Yeast

“I’m writing this note in an effort to express my personal and professional appreciation to Minuteman Transport and your exemplary efforts to service Javo Beverage, Inc. beyond the call of duty. The entire staff is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis and your commitment to excellence and professionalism is certainly evident in the day to day operations. The ‘Can Do’ attitude and ability to be proactive makes it easy to recognize you as one of Javo’s most valued partners in our growing success. Our relationship with Minuteman has grown considerably over the past 2 years from a reliable West Coast service provider to a Warehouse and Distribution partner in which we have an extreme amount of faith tendering our business to. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Minuteman’s record for on time delivery percentage, pricing, flexibility and overall positive attitude is what helped Minuteman and Javo get to this point. Again, thank you for creating and maintaining a good product run by great people that we can count on everyday. Having been in the Distribution industry for 15+ years, I can appreciate the power of loyalty, a handshake and the willingness to improve and strengthen a relationship over time.”

Scott B. Logistics Manager Javo Beverage

“I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased we are with the service that you provide to us. Minuteman can’t be beat. They are highly organized, quick to respond to any inquiry, and always follows through. Through all of our special requests whether it is a request to add to an order or to change a delivery date or time, I am not sure that Minuteman has ever said no. The order picking accuracy, inventory accuracy and damages are very minimal which is attributed to your warehouse staff. Over the years your drivers continue to be accommodating to our unique delivery request and are rarely behind schedule. Across the board you have a great staff that I am sure that you are very proud of. Thank you for the service you provide to Omaha Steaks and all of our Store locations.”

Jason A. Operations and Stores Inventory Manager Omaha Steaks
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